Surgical Nurse

JOB DESCRIPTION Coordinates intraoperative care of the patient.
Graduate of an accredited school of nursing. Licensed in the State of Wyoming as a Registered Nurse.
A minimum of two years surgical experience desired. Prefer additional experience in medical/surgical nursing.
  1. Comprehensive and current knowledge of nursing theory.
  2. Thorough knowledge of and ability to implement aseptic technique.
  3. Understanding of proper positioning techniques, aneshetic procedures and medications.
  4. Knowledge of surgical instruments, use and care.
  5. Knowledge of surgical procedures, techniques, and consequent nursing interventions.
  6. Ability to recognize emergency situations and assist in corrective actions.
  7. Knowledge of the policies, procedured, philosophies, goals, and objectives of ambulatory surgery.
  8. Recognize and report hazardous equipment.
  1. Coordinate planned nursing care with other health care team members.
  2. Monitor the sterile environment.
  3. Assist anesthesia, scrub and medical personnel to assure a smooth operation.
  4. Assist in preparation of the sterile environment.
  5. Assist in proper preparation and planning of supplies, medications, equipmnet, and instruments used to attain optimal patient care and cost-efficiency.
  6. Participate in patient care and education conferences.
  7. Assist the pre- and postoperative patient assessments and teaching.
  8. Assist in organizing and developing policies and procedures.
  9. Develop effective communication and interpersonal relationship skills.
  10. check all emergency and OR equipment prior to the first surgical case of the day.
  11. Maintain current competency record.
  12. Maintain good physical and mental health.
  1. Help prepare each room daily wiping down equipment with appropriate disinfectant agents.
  2. Assist scrub personnel "pulling" cases for procedures.
  3. Determine availability of necessary equipment and supplies and assist in ordering and procurement.
  4. Identify patient prior to surgery.
  5. Review the patient's chart for completeness and for relevant history and special needs.
  6. Escort or transport patient to the OR.
  7. Position patient safely, properly and comfortably according to the needs of the surgeon.
  8. Assist anesthesiologist during induction of anesthesia.
  9. Perform aseptic surgical prep, assist with draping if appropriate.
  10. Help to dress members of the surgical team.
  11. Maintain vigilance looking for breaks in technique.
  12. Anticipate needs of the surgical team.
  13. Supervise sponge and needle counts.
  14. Coordinate with ancillary services (e.g. Pathology) as required.
  15. Procure items needed by surgical team or by anesthesia during the procedure.
  16. Accept, label, log all specimens.
  17. Assist with surgical dressing.
  18. Assist in transportation or escort of patient to postanesthesia area.
  19. Report intraoperative events to the receiving nurse as well as pertinent patient historical data.
  20. Assist with room clean-up and turnover
  1. Must be able to approach his/her job in a reasoned, reasonable manner.
  2. Able to organize and prioritize assignments, duties, responsibilities.
  3. Able to identify, analyze, implement effective problem-solving.
  4. Display initiative, flexibility, and adaptability in hisher career approach.
  5. Able to maintain cheerful, poised, professional demeanor in the face of adversity.
  6. Enjoy working in an environment with diverse people.
  7. Show initiative for self-development and continuing education.
  8. Able to accept and give direction.
  9. BCLS certified.
  10. ACLS certified.

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