Pain Consultants of the Rockies, LLC

The only medical practice exclusively specializing in the care of patients with intractable pain in Wyoming. We provide advanced pain management techniques for patients who suffer pain due to both non-malignant and malignant diseases.

We provide consultation for physicians in the tri-state area in the management of patients with difficult pain syndromes.

Advanced techniques that we offer for pain management include Radiofrequency procedures, IDET therapy for diskogenic pain, implantable programmable pumps, spinal cord stimulation systems from Medtronic, Inc. and Advanced Neuromodulation Systems, Inc.

Our physicians are highly trained and continue to attend professional courses in order to refresh their skills and to learn new techniques as they become available.

Harlan R. Ribnik, M.D.

Pain Consultants of the Rockies, LLC joins our Nation in the effort to fight the terrorist threat. We dedicated our annual Halloween Party this year to helping to raise funds for the United Service Organization. The USO has a long history of providing support for our troops in foreign and hostile lands, bringing a little bit of home to our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, and Coast Guard. Please help support the USO. Your tax-deductible donations help those who place themselves "between their lov'd homes and the war's desolation."



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