PeriAnesthesia Nurse

JOB DESCRIPTION Directly responsible for postoperative care of the patient.
Graduate of an accredited school of nursing. Licensed as a Registered Nurse or a Licensed Practical Nurse in the State of Wyoming.
Minimum of two years post anesthesia experience desired. Prefer additional experience in medical/surgical nursing.
  1. Comprehensive and current knowledge of nursing theory and practice.
  2. Thorough knowledge of and ability to implement principles of aseptic technique.
  3. Knowledge of surgical procedures, techniques and consequent nursing interventions.
  4. Able to recognize emergency situations and assist in corrective action.
  5. Knowledge of the policies, procedures, philosophies, goals and objectives of ambulatory surgery
  6. Recognize and report hazardous equipment.
  • Reports to the OR Supervisor
  • May supervise LPNs or Nursing Assistants
  1. Coordinate planned nursing care with other health care team members
  2. Assist in proper preparation of supplies, medications, and equipment involved in patient care.
  3. Participate in patient care and education conferences.
  4. Assist with preoperative patient assessment and teaching.
  5. Assist in organizing and developing policies and procedures.
  6. Develop effective communication and interpersonal relationship skills.
  7. Maintain good physical and mental health.
  1. Prepare postanesthesia areas for patients.
  2. Monitor patients' vital signs, breathing, alertness, awareness following the surgical procedure.
  3. Administer medications as needed and/or ordered
  4. Record all appropriate information on the patient chart.
  5. Assist patients with transfer from cart to the recliner.
  6. Provide verbal and written discharge instructions.
  7. Coordinate with Physical Therapy for services as required.
  8. Coordinate with the pre-op nurse, the post-op calling of patients.
  9. Assist patients to vehicles upon discharge.
  10. Other duties as assigned.
  1. Ability to approach his/her responsibilities with a rational, reasoned approach.
  2. Must be able to organize and prioritize assignments, duties and responsibilities.
  3. Must be able to identify, analyze and implement effective problem-solving techniques.
  4. Display initiative, flexibility and adaptability in his/her career approach.
  5. Ability to maintain a cheerful, poised, professional manner in the face of adversity.
  6. Enjoy working in a setting of diverse backgrounds.
  7. Show initiative in self-development and continuing education.
  8. Ability to accept and give direction.
  9. BCLS certification.
  10. ACLS certification.

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